Hamzy’s School Of Self Defense

Research has shown there are approximately four hundred styles of the martial art. Each and every style has certain characteristics that are unique to that particular form of self defense or sport. No matter what form or style you choose to study there are certain standards and qualifications you must meet in order to progress.

Mr. Harry Hamzy, founder and CEO of the Hamzys Ketsuka Karate, is a 10th degree Black Belt. He has been involved in the martial arts for over 70 years. He started in his native country of Lebanon and later moved to Jordan, Egypt, Italy, France, England, Japan and the U.S.A. His instructors were Professor Kenji Tomiki, King Ahmed, and Mr. Tegner. After 32 years in the martial art field, research, learning and teaching, 15 different Martial arts styles, Grand Master Harry Hamzy Sr. started the Hamzys Ketsu-Ka Karateā„¢ style. The best practical self defense in the martial arts. For many years Grand Master Hamzy worked out and taught with Grand Master Rossi the founder of the Filipino style Kun Tao. Grand Master Hamzy also worked out for many years with the inventor of the Ketsugo style Master Harold Brosious.

At the age of 78 Grandmaster Harry Hamzy Sr. moved to Florida, permanently. His telephone number is 407-870-8477. He still teaches Hamzys Kestu-ka karate style two nights a week.

Grandmaster John S. Hamzy has been involved in the martial arts for the past 50 years. He is the executive Director of Hamzys Ketsuka Karate. He and his brother Grandmaster Harry Hamzy Jr. are among the few Black Belts in the USA who trained with Grandmaster Bill Wallace (Superfoot).

Grandmaster Harry Hamzy Jr. has 45 years experience in the martial arts and is always there to help his brother Grandmaster John S. Hamzy.

Grandmaster John S. Hamzy does not just teach the Hamzys Ketsu-ka style at the main branch he over sees the activities of the other 10 Hamzys Branches and all Black Belt testing from Puerto and the USA. at the main branch in Torrington, Connecticut. At the present, November 2007, there are over 110 Black Belts at the Hamzys school and branches.The Board of Director members all have at least 20 years experience in the Hamzys ketsu-ka karate style. The board of testing members all are 5th degree Black Belts or above with a minimum of 15 years with the Hamzys ketsu-ka karate style.

The Hamzys 3rd generation Sensei Taylor Hamzy, a 3rd degree Black Belt attends School in Rindge New Hampshire. There always will be a Hamzy or a Hamzy Black Belt to carry on and teach the Hamzys Ketsu-ka karate style in the martial arts and follow the motto of the Hamzys Ketsu-ka karate style which is Unity, Loyalty, Respect, and believing in order to be a champion you must have ability as well as a good attitude.

There is No Contract at any of our schools or branches.

No fee for testing.

Pay what you can afford weekly or monthly,

Testing within seven weeks for beginners to find out if a student is learning and wants to stay.

Membership cards will be issued to the students who stay, to allow them to attend and watch tournaments free of charge and the card allows them to work out at other branches with the instructor’s permission.

If we cannot teach you, we will let you know immediately, because we need you to be the best person you can be as the rest of our students are.